Saturday, March 28, 2009

it's Savage

Driving home this evening, I was thinking about an idea that most people have a problem with.  It is the idea that Jesus was married.  Now my thought really didn't have anything to do with this. My thought was that an unmarried teacher is a dubious teacher.  Should one trust one that hasn't really entered into this life by binding their soul to another?  Campbell said that one's three great moments were one's birth, marriage, and death or funeral (I forget).

Joseph Campbell had a real partnership with his wife.  I'm told that Jung did as well.  Freud was a cliché of the order that he wrote about--a triangle w/ his real connection w/ his wife's sister. "Erotic Jesus lay with his Mary's/loves his Mary's"  I can get behind the idea that Jesus had a wife.  He was that kind of teacher.  Rush Limbaugh sure seems to have a heck of a time w/ marriage.  I don't believe Eckhart Tolle is married (I could be wrong).

I suppose I think of this now because of the essays I've been reading by Brian Takle about the matrix movies 2 and 3.  These essays are located here.  He stresses the importance of the characters' love relationships in the films for the development of their humanity.  I agree.  And yet it seems that we still value the idea of the wise old man teacher.  The ascetic.  That is why everyone got so pissed about The Da Vinci Code.  Jesus can't be human, he's God!

Probably Dan Savage is as good and trustworthy as he is precisely because he is a teacher that has been "married" now for some time.  He has a wonderful piece about his decision to get married on This American Life. Of course, he is not legally married however.  For Christ's sake, (and I mean that literally) could we let people Mar[r]y who they want?

Anyway, this is what I was thinking about tonight.

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Michael said...

Dan Savage is probably one of the most interesting "sages" we have right now. I also think Jesus could have been gay - and John was the disciple who he loved. But whether male or female, I agree with you - a figure who is held up as the ultimate good example "be perfect as I am perfect" should be involved in a strong and inspiring marriage - as an example to the Bride of Christ.

Cheers, Michael