Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Jaspal!

I'm trying to get your attention.  I don't think you have a blog proper.  I see that you are well traveled in the synchromystic by-ways however.--I would probably have more luck if I called you out in a more traveled spot, like The Blob or Secret Sun or something, but that would be a bit untoward, perhaps.

Anyway, I finally started reading the essays you suggested a million years ago, a life ago! Theses essays by Brian Takle deal w/ The Matrix film series.  They are beyond incredible.  I don't think I was ready for them when you suggested them Jaspal.  (Are you Brian Takle?) Thanks for pointing me toward these.   They are helping me understand my own journey, one that I feel I've completed to a point.  I think I finally dropped Jake Chambers and have left Never Never land.  It has been my contention that my father's generation has had a reluctance to grow up.  And this has to do with the boomer generation's selfishness and their inability to become the father.  It has to do with their own relationship to their parents, ego, validation, Freud, Jung, etc.  This was the big lesson in my "culmination".

I want to share this:  I started reading Hofstadter's I Am a Strange Loop again.  Incredible.  I suggest reading from Chapter 3, "The Causal Potency of Patterns" the section about The Careenium that starts on pg. 45 of my version and concludes the chapter on pg. 50.  It is a perfect metaphor for understanding why Synchromysticism works.  Check it out!

Also I read a super piece in The Believer about video games and art this morning.  Tom Bissell, one of my favorite journalists, is in conversation with the the voice of criticism for the art form of video games, Heather Chaplin.  Check it out! 

I have a new blog too.  After Easter, I won't be making anymore posts here.  Go there for further adventures.

Thanks.  Glad to be a part of our little world that we all inhabit here.
Be well.


Jaspal said...

Sorry it took me so long to answer your call, I've been on holiday and not really looked at anything sync related for a while. The strange this is, I only found this post because I was going back through your blog to find that Depeche Mode video of them on top of the twin towers! And then I had a strange sync wink when an unrelated website had an advert for their UK tour this year!

Let me start off by saying I am not Brian Takle, I won't take credit for someone else's work, a peace of work that had such a profound influence on my life and answered many questions.

I must have seen the Matrix films at least a dozen times and each time I see them I see something different, just like another version of Neo, it is me that changes, the film/system stays the same, but my evolution causes a different interpretation.

It was this conundrum that lead me to search for a definitive answer, there was something about these films that bugged me, an answer that I needed to know, so I dedicated time to search out that answer and "stumbled" upon this essay.

The Deux ex machina, the how, the why, the transcendence, the answer is 42, but what is the question? I found it interesting that The Shaman's latest post,, also talks about The Matrix and the choice between the red pill and the blue pill. Look at the first picture on that post, the mountain with 1,2,3,4. You get the 2 going into the 3 and 4, making both 23 and 42, you mentioned the Kali Yuga being 432,000 years long and comparable with a heart beat over 12 Horus's, 432.... 42 and 23 can be made from those numbers, would you look at that!

Thank you for the recommendations, here is what I have been absorbed in lately:

Bloc Party - Slient Alarm
Sting - Greatest Hits

Inside Man

Eunus Noe said...

Interesting you are looking for DM on WTC. I have been seeing 911 everywhere. I don't usually go in for personal number synchs really, but this is out of hand right now.

My mom's bday is 911 so it might have something to do w/ her and a girl from my past, you know freud.

Also 42. the answer is 42. Interesting because of all the jupiter/42 work the blob has done. (In my head the godfather is Jupiter) My bday is (easter sunday 1972) 4/2/1972.

Jupiter is the king, is the father, and the one thing the king must do is acquiesce and die! I wonder if the battle w/ their children is unavoidable or if that is the easter sacrifice. I sacrifice my ego to you children.

All religion is sex/death. The father must sacrifice his inner child so that his children may live. Jesus is god's son. Issac/Ishmael. (I have a poster from Natio Geo of the Dome of the rock on my wall. The rock upon which the church is built is the rock of sacrifice. Passover. Easter. Death and Sex! (The Fountain captures this so nicely)

Red pill. Red apple. Garden. Knowledge. Red active. Masculine. Departure.-I wrote about this a little in my "afterword":

The number of the goddess is 432. (I always thought they got earth day wrong! It should be 4/23 and not 4/22.)

Here is a new thought: 4[3]2 is the king and the goddess as one?

A video has come to me that arrives at the same place that I have:

Everything is amazing and no one is happy:
Take care.
Happy Holy Week.

Jaspal said...

Thanks for the video. Funny, I was thinking about the old style phones last week as someone at work has a mobile phone which rings like one of the old timers. I was thinking about the effort required to dial a number, much like the effort required to do a lot of things in the "dark ages", or 1980's as they are known! A friend of mine mentioned how he thought our civilisation actually peaked in the 1980's, technically and musically, getting us back to DM!

Jupiter is father, his Indian counterpart is Deus Pita or literally Zeus Father, he is a the father of Indra. His name is also similar to one of the three son's of Noah, Japheth, and Jove the God of the Romans and then later the angry Biblical God.

And he was very afraid of a Son of his overthrowing him, it was one of the reasons he chained up Prometheus, because Prometheus knew, with his foresight of course, who would overthrow him.

Of course the Philosopher kings of the past would hand over the reigns once the "Celestial Wheel" had sunk:
The son then had to seek the advice of his father and learn from his wisdom, this maintained balance.

The name Easter comes from Ishtar, one of the many names of Isis, yet we celebrate the resurrection of our son/sun, and the fertility it brings. The act of reproduction.

Talking of brothers, my own little brother's birthday is this month, on 4/23!