Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!

My favorite radio station is playing Radiohead:  http://kexp.org
This prompts me to share a blurb from a story that I've been working on. It has to do with "The Emperor" (archetypal) becoming "The Tyrant". He won't let go of power, and hides his dark secret in "The Tower" at the heart of the Labyrinth causing stagnation of the energy, and the cycle. (This makes me wonder about Ishmael.  Was he supposed to go into the whale? Did his misunderstanding and fear make him the bad guy?)

Anyway here is a blurb about a tyrant:

What was it to be aboard a ship headed by a madman whose motives were indecipherable? The ship sought oil, but the captain sought something more and stranger than revenge. He sought destruction of truth. He had been blackened by some kind of fire that scarred him from crown to soul and because of that he sought to destroy the essence of life? His only discernable goal was to destroy the sacred animal of his hunting tribe, which in turn would unravel the very fabric of existence.

The truth of the Pequod was isolation. Ishmael said as much. Everyman is an island or islato or something like that. The only thing today that comes close to speaking to the meaningless alienation on board The Pequod is Radiohead's body of work.

Radiohead's whole career has been one of a loosing battle with the idea of meaningless alienation. OK Computer illustrates modernity's union of plastic, number, and electricity. With Kid A and Amnesiac, one is convinced that the machine is succeeding in destroying humanity's soul. Hail to the Thief leaves little to no room for redemption. Maybe the thief is Ahab, maybe someone else. "After all it was you and me." I should say this though, In Rainbows children revivify us.

We saw Radiohead this past summer.  It was great.  Here is the set list: 

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Thanks to always-insightful Travis Hay at the P-I, we have Radiohead's set list from Seattle's White River Amphitheatre on August 20. (And check out other reviews from The Seattle Times and Seattle Weekly.) Hope you enjoyed it!

15 Step
There There
All I Need
Pyramid Song
Talk Show Host
National Anthem
The Gloaming
Faust Arp/Tell Me Why (Neil Young cover)
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Climbing Up The Walls
Dollars and Cents

How To Disappear Completely
Arpeggi/Weird Fishes
In Limbo
Street Spirit

You And Whose Army
No Surprises
Everything In Its Right Place

-from: http://rockoutseattle.com/208/radiohead-setlist/

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