Saturday, November 15, 2008

Child of Glass

The other day I had an exchange at The Secret Sun that sent me back to my childhood.  These ideas may grow into a post-especially so considering my background (music major in college-I dropped out to become a rock god) and because I've been reading The Hidden Origins of Western Music(k).  The jury is still out on that site.  I don't know if he is absolutely brilliant or just nuts.  I hope one could say the same about me.

Anyway here is the exchange that will likely grow into something:

Here is something I just thought of as my children watch E.T.

Spielberg-it is a German name. (I was a German major.)

Spiel = play; Berg = Mountain.
Which brought to mind the mountain everyone in close encounters was obsessed with. They "meet" the aliens at the mountain, that spikey, pyramid-shaped (this is wrong, that's how I remember it) mountain-called. . . Devils Tower-jesus, this should really be a post.
Is Spielberg the literal mountain at which to "meet" the aliens?

Devil's Tower? E.T. (a reworking of Peter Pan)
Pan? Tower?
The Devil and the Tower?
one last tickle.
When I think of close encounters and its "magic mountain" I can't help but thinking of Disney's 1975 Escape To Witch Mountain.

If you've forgotten this film, I don't know if I've seen it 25 years, check out its plot:

--The movie is waiting for me at the Library today.  I'll let you know if it is important (you know to SAVING THE WORLD!!) I hope you know that I'm joking.

The point of this post though is to remember a movie that has haunted me my whole life. I think about it every couple of years or so, but have never gone out and found it. Child of Glass (1978).  I found a couple of youtube deals for it.  Check em out. (Obviously I didn't become a rock god.  I ended up back in college later and studied German Literature.) My interest is piqued enough now to try and find this movie.

--notice the beginning of the video (I didn't plan that) and also the date of this song, 1978 (that was news to me too).  What's up '78?


HOWMusic(k) said...

Hahaha... "Brilliant" or "nuts" eh? Well, my critical thinking faculties are still in tact, but I don't know if that disqualifies me from the latter category. Anyway, glad to see someone is reading the blog.. especially a music major, who might be able to appreciate some of the little musical gems that pop up now and then.


Eunus Noe said...

I didn't explain what I was talking about there. In Close Encounters, the aliens make contact through music. I just read Musicophila. Music plays a role in our lives that we barely understand. Big bang or Big Klang? Is everything vibration? Maybe.