Saturday, January 31, 2009

Du mußt dein Leben ändern!

Luc Viatour

So, If you read my Temperance/soul guide post, you might have come to the conclusion that my guide (anima) through the belly of the whale is Nicole Kidman or Audrey Tautou with their role determining which pole: The Star or The Moon. But I've thought about this, and that isn't quite right. For the most part, they are both "Stars". I picked and chose to go with Audrey Tautou because of the novelty of both she and Nicole Kidman being The Chanel models. I've thought about types though, and clearly Audrey and Nicole are both "Stars".



The sun, the heavenly role model of all heroes must reverse directions at these two points every year [Cancer/Capricorn]. The same applies to all the heroes, who cross a threshold at both points. If the journey through the night started after The Hermit. . . , The Moon means emerging from the water depths and returning to the light. Since ancient times, Saturn, who astrologically corresponds with this card, has been seen as the guardian of this threshold.
The Moon card is frequently misunderstood today because we primarily connect the moon with romantic images. But here it means darkness, night, and the deep exploration of the the inner spaces [emphasis mine]. The Moon has pushed itself in front of the sun and darkened the light (= eclipse of the sun), a natural phenomenon that was usually considered to be a bringer of misfortune and has always been experienced with fear and unease (195).
The card shows a ford, the place of a possible crossing that is always dangerous, and a narrow path that leads to the gray towers which were first seen on Death. They are the heralds of the heavenly Jerusalem, symbol of the highest good we can attain.
However, the path there is difficult and dangerous. It is guarded by a dog and a wolf. While the dog (as already seen on The Fool) represents the friendly and helpful forces of the instincts, the wolf embodies their dangerous and destructive aspects. It corresponds with Cerberus, the hell-hound of Greek mythology, whose task it is to make sure no soul escapes from the underworld. Although the goal, the place of redemption, the heavenly Jerusalem, is already within reach, an extremely difficult tightrope walk must be survived (196). [It is easy to get to hell, to the underworld, but more difficult to return home.]

The corresponding danger on the path of the hero lies in becoming enslaved to the dark aspect of the anima, and therefore being led into lunacy by the inner female guide. [Watch out Jake! Which aspect is Robin?] Particularly as it is the actual nature of the unconscious to be bipolar and ambivalent, the guide of souls also behaves in quite a paradox manner (197).
~Tarot and the Journey of the Hero. Banzhaf, Hajo. Sameul Weiser, Inc. 2000: York Beach, Maine.

Let's see what we've got here now, and try and remember what It was I was going to say. Saturn. Moon. (Titan) Apollo. Star. Anima. Guide. Sword Bridge.
Mostly, I was interested in showing you my "other" type:

So this is my "moon". This would be the polar opposite to my "light" Australian "star" (Olivia, Nicole, Naomi). She is my "dark lady", my sin.

I'm not crazy about Katie Holmes to continue w/ the Tom Cruise theme, but it is interesting how much she looks like her in this photo:

I guess this post is about temptation. That is the message I got as I went back over it again. To make our return we will have to resist this temptation, and remember what Jesus said, enter through the narrow way for broad and great are the ways that lead to destruction.

We have to make our way over the sword bridge is what I'm saying. Speaking of bridges, there is another one in my life that I just realized. [-update: I also noticed tonight 2/1/09, that Wall-E lives on a destroyed overpass, another bridge to Nowhere.] I've been watching a ton of Jeff Bridges movies lately from Tron to Iron Man. I'll work that up soon. Cross back carefully!


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