Sunday, December 28, 2008

Leap of Faith

I feel like we have returned to the edge.  Jumping might be the best thing for us, but first we have to let go:

Dory He says it's time to let go! Everything's gonna be all right!
Marlin How do you know!? How do you know something bad isn't gonna happen?
Dory I don't!

Of course maybe we need to encounter our shadow before we are ready?  Maybe we need a crisis to break through to our unconscious self?  We need to face the Devil?

I've been thinking about jumpers.  I think we are on the ledge again.  See Jake for more.

Dory Here comes a big one--whooooooo! Come on, you gotta try this!
Marlin Would you just stop it!?
Dory Why? What's wrong?
Marlin We're in a whale! Don't you get it!?
Dory A whale?
Marlin A whale! 'Cause you had to ask for help! And now we're stuck here!
Dory Wow. A whale. You know I speak whale.
Marlin No, you're insane! You can't speak whale! I have to get out! I have to find my son! I have to tell him how old sea turtles are!
Dory Woo-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hoo! Hey. You okay?There, there. It's all right. It'll be okay.
Marlin No. No, it won't.
Dory Sure it will, you'll see.

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