Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: opening the hatch

I can identify with John Locke.  I want to be special.  I want to do something important.  I want to believe that I'm the hero.  But, in truth, all I do is "push the button".

This has been a pretty strange year for me and those around me.  What was the point?  I think the following image sums it up pretty well.  It was a year of backsliding caused by our perception of lack: (and with backsliding we receive separation as opposed to unity.)

I suppose that I've determined that the most important thing that I do is this.  This chronicle of my exploration has very little ego involved.  Here I seek truth not recognition.  I have no idea if anyone reads this, and at this point, don't know if I care.  (I signed up for google analytics at one point, but then felt like Big Brother and refused to "watch".)  I do this, my blog, because I feel I must, not because of the promise of some future reward.  When I started "pushing the button" I was convinced that the island would somehow reward me for my selfless work, but alas, I still stock magazines, deliver Chinese food, and will likely be fruitless in my application to the creative writing program I'm applying to next month.

I think I'm o.k. with this.  After I send in my submission, I will likely share it with you.  I have a feeling that you will "get it".  This year for me has been about the preparation for opening my heart.  That is, transcending "the gut" Chakra and moving up to the heart, to La Vita Nuova, The New Earth

I'm back to robots and hearts again.  I understand my fascination w/ the moon and space.  I've made peace with 2008 and think I understand "its purpose".  I'm ready to embrace the term "Synchromystic"--I've done this my whole life.  I've always read "the stars" for meaning.  So synchromystic?  Yes.  cinemalchemist?  You bet!

Call me DJ Ishmael.  I'm ready to follow Ahab into the whale.

Here is a description of "the hatch" (I know I'm loosely mixing a couple of Lost ideas together) from Joseph Campbell's The Mythic Image:

Just below this lotus of the heart there is pictured a lesser [octagonal], uninscribed lotus, at about the level of the solar plexus, supporting on a jeweled altar an image of the Wish-Fulfilling Tree.  For it is here that the first intimations are heard of the sound OM in the Silence, and that sound itself is the Wish-Fulfilling Tree.  Once heard, it can be rediscovered everywhere and no longer do we have to seek  our good.  It is here-within-and through all things, all space.  We can now give up our struggle for achievement, for love and power and the good, and may rest in peace.


Jake Kotze said...

Love it

Be well

Douglas Bolles said...

I totally now how you feel man.
What is it about my ego that it is always yelling, "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!'