Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When the aliens come. . .

When Kang and Kodos arrive from Rigel VII to enslave us as they no doubt will as we've entered The End of Days, I nominate Dan Savage as humanity's spokesman.  He is funny, but he is also probably the most ethical person I'm familiar with.  He is also able to admit that he is wrong, and he has been wrong.  He is one of the good ones.  Check out his work for This American Life, be careful with Savage Love though, it is pretty advanced pervert fare.

Act Two. And Daddy Makes Three.

Six-year-old DJ has two dads, Dan Savage and Terry Miller. DJ is being raised by two gay men, but he has a preschooler's understanding of what gay means. Which is to say, he doesn't understand it at all. Though he does oppose gay marriage. Dan, the author of the syndicated column and book Savage Love, tells the story. His latest book is Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America. (11 minutes)


293: A Little Bit of Knowledge

Stories about the pitfalls of knowing just a little bit too little.

Bob Berenz had a good job as an electrician. But he wanted to do something bigger. He came up with an idea for an invention. But as he studied physics texts to see if his invention could work, he happened upon the biggest idea of his life: a revelation about physics that would disprove Einstein, and Newton. That is...if Bob's right. This, and other stories about the pitfalls of knowing just a little bit too little.

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