Wednesday, October 22, 2008

8 is a gate? (∞)

This past weekend I was thinking about Zeus, the fool's journey through the Tarot, fathers, and obviously the upcoming election. Take a passage like this:
Then, like Zeus himself, we must overthrow the old rule and inaugurate and newer and more creative one, lest we become petty tyrants ourselves or fall under the spell of a tyrant in the world outside. Having discovered the rich and fecund world of the body's needs and pleasures, the Fool must now find ethical principles by which to live; for without the Emperor, we are mere pawns in life, driven from within and without by blind instinct, blaming our problems and difficulties on other people and on society, because we cannot find the inner experience of strength which the father embodies (29).
by Juliet Sharman-Burke And Liz Greene
Fireside, New York, 1986

If one was to vote purely symbolically, the only choice would be Obama. He purports himself to be the candidate of change in opposition to the tyrant whose spell we fell under. We need change. I don't like betting my hopes for the future on the actions of politicians or even on reality per se, but I am definitely going to cast my symbolic vote. Consider his logo:

I could only see the "O" for the longest time. I couldn't see the negative space of the thing. I liked the idea of the "O" because symbolically it could be the gate we will pass through. Perhaps this is our exit from The Belly of the Whale? (I'll get there, I swear! A proper consideration of the darkness probably is suited for the winter though, right?)  Are the white stripes whale ribs and is the red muscle? Is this our exit from the underworld?

Could Obama be the symbolic gate through to the next phase of the infinite cycle? Remember the world?

Or, is he the rising Sun? Do you see the blue sky?  Can you see our life giving sun in the negative space of his "O"? Have we endured The Dark Knight and now the sun rises on a new day? Is this our symbolic dawn?  I hope so.

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