Sunday, April 12, 2009


So I ended this blog.  I feel good about that too. I don't know what is next.  Something new I guess.  I want to thank you so much for spending this time with me.  It has a been a worthwhile journey for me, I hope you enjoyed it as well.

But, this is supposed to reintroduce what it was that I was doing.  I was spinning the cycle.  I took a lap, found the treasure, and answered my question that launched this blog, "Why is the human on Earth?"

So follow me if you like, on a seven month journey to an answer I already had!

It isn't cheating to just read the culmination.  It was a fun journey though, take a look if you have time.

The sun feels good on my face.

I love you.

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Jaspal said...

I went back to your very first post and noted the quote from the book that prompted the question, it is funny how you had the answer all along but you just needed to understand it.

42 is the answer, we are the question, the why, our own inquisitive nature drives the Universe to expand and grow, like the relationship between humans and machines in The Matrix. We are the define force that governs, the serpent was the means by which man would fall, gain gifts through his toil, and bring them back to the garden.

I thought about "The Other", how in ye olden times, the other would have been the neighbouring village, then a region, then a country. Now we are globalised, the other is "alien", it is foreign, ET is our Jungian shadow, our own fear of the unknown. I find it funny then that this is only true of Western culture, the East has spoken of “ET” for thousands of years, perhaps a sign that they already had the advanced culture of the West before, but renounced it for spiritualism. And now the external cycle spins again, it the East that returns to materialism, while the West seeks spiritual answers.

I also thought about the Heart in the Box, remember I told you I saw the film Inside Man? I do suggest you give it a watch, because it encompasses all the Heart in the Box ideas, along with Pirates of the Caribbean. In order to do bad things you have to lock your heart away, withhold the 'Milk of human kindness', but, like in Crime and Punishment, there is always a key to the box, your conscience.

I had a strange dream on the morning of Good Friday, where I was involved in a sword fight with 3 other people. One of them went invisible, I trashed my sward around in desperation but to no avail. Then I felt the sensation of someone next to me and the sound of a swinging sward which decapitated me. I woke up at that exact moment.

I've been thinking what that means, from the story of Ganesh, to the Sikh story of how the Kalsa formed. Where 5 men agreed to have their heads chopped off for the last Sikh Guru, but in the end it was just a test of faith, the 310th anniversary of which is this Tuesday. I also recall one of your posts on the “Mourning” and why we celebrate our own death.

Just thought I'd share that with you and wish you a Happy Easter. I hope your next answer is as much fun to find the question for!