Monday, February 16, 2009


clover |ˈklōvər|
a herbaceous plant of the pea family that has dense, globular flowerheads and leaves that are typically three-lobed. It is an important and widely grown fodder and rotational crop.

Genus Trifolium, family Leguminosae: many species, in particular red clover ( T. pratense) and the creeping white clover ( T. repens).

in clover in ease and luxury : if your sister married the old codger, we could be in clover.

ORIGIN Old English clāfre, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch klaver and German Klee.

Mostly, this is an update post.  What am I up to?  I am just letting you know what I've been thinking about. I've been fascinated by the Kaguya moon probe.  I note with interest the study of the "far side" (what is often called "dark side"). 

I'm interested in Revolutionary Road.  It plays into a theme I talk about at the bottom of this.  One reason I'm interested is Jack and Rose back together.  The Titanic is one of those egg shell cracking "mega rituals" that the blob was discussing recently.  I would argue that every time our faith in material is unwavering, the tower archetype comes down.

I saw Cloverfield a few nights ago and can't get it out of my head.  Amazing!  It adds to what I've been working on, which will be the subject of a very large post that I've actually unknowingly been working on now for two years.  It is a consideration of the darkness with the idea of finding a new hero.  Joseph Campbell challenged me more or less with the idea that Jesus is irrelevant due to time and space.  A hero needs to be relevant to the land he is the hero of--the literal actual land, and to the time/cosmology he is hero of.  Since Jesus, we've had the Copernican revolution, an entirely new cosmology.  With that in mind, I set out my senior year of college to find the new mythology.  This coming comprehensive post that I've subconsciously continued to research since I presented my findings in my senior thesis several years ago will present this hero.  It will take some time though.  Before that post, I will have another foray into archetypes using a planetary model.  This will be similar to my earlier journey.

I do want to talk about Cloverfield, but think that I should save that material for later.  Well maybe a little commentary.  My wife experienced this movie almost purely as a 911 film.  And I can't disagree w/ this. The intention behind Spielberg's War of the Worlds was probably the same.  911 might have even been Cloverfield''s inspiration, but I read it differently. It is our now.  The monster is in eden.  It destroyed the bridge.  This is our financial crisis.  New York is the financial center, and it has been abandoned/destroyed. Some associations:  central park, the heart of New York?  Movie starts and ends there.  Monster is in the heart.  "Beth" looks like Jennifer Connelly from Labyrinth(we've been watching this a bit again lately). Central Park is where The Happening began.  The heart of this movie is a love story.  Paradise Lost is the theme right now.   Genesis and Revelation are connected.  Beginning is ending is beginning.  It is important to know why you are here.


Michael said...

Great Audrey 2 pics! I did some research into that show last year, see: Little Shop of Miracles. May be of some synchy interest. Some very cool Shiva synchs buried there.



Eunus Noe said...

Very nice Michael. Thanks so much! I always forget that, "we have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is throughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path." (J. Campbell)
-I need to start examining the back catalog of the lot of you cats who have been doing this work when I was still in "crazy town" trying to unravel my conspiranoia theories. (of course that is how I got here)
glad to be here. take care