Friday, September 26, 2008

Booklist (so far)


The Shape Shifter (audio)            Tony Hillerman

Skeleton Man (audio)

The Blessing Way (audio)

Dance Hall of the Dead (audio)

The Corrections (audio)            Jonathan Franzen

Listening Woman (audio)            Tony Hillerman

People of Darkness (audio)                                               

Beowulf  (audio)                        Anon

No Country for Old Men (audio) Cormac McCarthy           

Moby Dick (audio)                        Herman Melville

The Inner Reaches of Outer Space Joseph Campbell

The Book of Jonah               Jonah (?)

Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences                 

Lawrence Weschler

Revelation (audio)                 John

The Odyssey (audio)                Homer

"The Second Coming"            William Butler Yeats

Archetype of the Apocalypse   Edward Edinger

Catching the Big Fish  (audio)  David Lynch                                   

The Waste Land                           T. S. Eliot

The Book of Job (audio)             Job (?)

In All Her Names                      Ed. Campbell, Musés

The Hero With a Thousand Faces (audio)

-Joseph Campbell

Fight Club (audio)                 Chuck Palahniuk

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (audio)                                   

                                                                      Michael Chabon

Light Years: A Girlhood in Hawai'i Susanna Moore

Bowl of Cherries                            Milliard Kaufman           

Maps and Legends                    Michael Chabon

Walden (audio)          Henry David Thoreau           

The Dark Tower (audio)                   Stephen King                                   

  ----green  =  highly recommended

I certainly was having an apocalyptic moment last winter.  Did it arrive?  Is our economic meltdown the latest sign?

So, are we in The Belly of the Whale?  

Have you seen Apocalypto?  I don't think Mel is a very good human, but he is a pretty good story teller.  I really like how Jaguar Paw's father admonishes him against letting fear into his heart or home.  He triumphs when he decides to be not afraid.  Don't let fear into your forest!

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